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What constitutes as high blood pressure?

Any rise of blood pressure over 140/90 mmHg is considered a high blood pressure, and it harbors a multitude of ill side effects such as kidney failure, complications with the brain and blood vessels and heart attack. While drugs that can reduce the pressure exist, there is the option of self-treating, but it must be taken with care and following certain instructions presented below.

How to reduce blood pressure levels

To begin efficiently reducing the blood pressure levels, it is advised to exercise regularly as this can raise the heart rate and decrease the pressure. Intensive exercise, or exercise preceded by inactivity, should always begin with a slow walk or riding a bike before going on to more demanding exercises. Yoga and breathing exercises are also considered beneficial to the pressure lowering process. Meditation, as well as other techniques that successfully removes stress are beneficial, considering the fact that tension can also lead to heightened blood pressure.

Altering the diet is often required to reduce blood pressure. Removing salt from the diet can change blood sugar levels because, sodium can significantly raise the blood pressure. Avoiding foods with additives such as, canned food or pre packaged food, and using spices and herbs instead of salt are all valid ways to reduce the pressure. Replacing normal chocolate with dark chocolate, since it contains antioxidants which can aid in lowering the pressure if taken in small amounts regularly, can also help. Foods low in fat, such as vegetables and fruit, should be eaten because they aid in the pressure reducing process. Adding salmon, legumes, apricots, raisins and squash is recommended due to their potassium content, which can aid in maintaining the electrolyte balance, providing a steadier heart beat and fluid flow. Ingesting at least 10 glasses of water daily is advised, as water deficiency causes blood pressure to rise. Any form of alcohol intake or smoking is not advisable.

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