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Some people have to deal with excess of skin which remains after a person loses extra weight. The excess of skin is certainly not something a person would like to achieve, but it, unfortunately may occur. The goal is to lose weight and to achieve perfect results including healthy and normal appearance of the skin. Even if this unwanted side effect occurs experts have come up with several solutions.

Excess of Skin and Weight Loss

This particular problem does not affect everyone who has lost weight. Prior engaging in the process of loosing weight one should be familiar with potential causes of the occurrence of excess of skin. The very elasticity of the skin determines whether a person will have to deal with excess of skin after he/ she has lost certain weight. But in obese people (particularly in morbidly obese people) rapid loss of weight simply cannot be accompanied by rapid restoration of the previous look of the skin. It may happen that the skin has lost its elasticity in the process of weight gain and is not able to regain its natural appearance. Only people with several pounds of extra weight may not expect this potential side effect. Skin elasticity reduces with age so the excess of skin after loosing weight may affect older people even if they lose only a few pounds.

How to Prevent Excess of Skin after weight Loss?

In some cases it is possible to prevent this unwanted side effect. Namely, one should pay attention on his/ her diet in the first place and prevent weight gain. Once a person decides to engage in slimming process he/ she is supposed to modify a diet and to reduce weight gradually. This way the skin will have time to adapt to changes and slowly regain its natural appearance. Intake of plenty of water improves skin's elasticity. It is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe a diet and monitor weight loss. Unfortunately, if all of the previously mentioned fails the person will have to opt for the most appropriate solution of elimination of excess of skin.

Getting Rid of Excess of Skin after Weight Loss

Even though diet and regular physical activity/ exercises may help in tightening of the skin most people with the particular problem opt for surgical removal of the excess of skin. The surgical procedure is a solution for people who simply cannot tighten their skin with diet, exercise and additional conservative methods.

One of the surgeries performed in this purpose is body lift. It includes removal and tightening of the loose skin from various parts of the body. It is a surgery commonly chosen by people who have lost a lot of weight in short period of time and whose skin is so loose that it affects their performance, looks unappealing and may be responsible for skin friction and skin infections. If a person eventually opts for a surgery he/ she is supposed to obtain all the information regarding surgical procedure since it is a serious treatment and carries certain risks. And finally, these surgeries are not so cheap and not all the people can afford them.

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