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When an obese person loses weight, it is always a good thing, not only for his appearance and self-esteem, but for his health, as well. However, one problem will probably occur after those pounds are shed: there will be some loose skin, which is not exactly attractive. This problem is common and happens to a lot of people, especially if they lost a lot of weight very quickly and the skin did not have the time to adapt.

How to prevent loose skin after losing weight

If a person loses a lot of weight, it is natural that the skin will take some time to bounce back to its normal, tight condition. Weight gain causes the skin to stretch, and its structure becomes less elastic and firm. Connective tissues break, and can result in stretch marks. For this reason, the skin does not get back to it's normal state.

This means that it is important to pace the weight loss by limiting it to one or two pounds per week. It also helps to keep well hydrated, because the skin cells need moisture in order to provide tightness and elasticity.

Skin lotions and moisturizers also help a lot, because they provide nutrients to the skin and keep it healthy. Diet is also very important, because the skin gets nutrients from the inside as well. This means food with lots of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and less sugars, sodium and saturated fats.

How to tighten loose skin

Those who are patient enough can try a wide variety of methods that are proven to be helpful in tightening the skin after weight loss. The less patient ones can always choose surgical treatments, like body contouring.

In order to regain elasticity and for the connective tissues to heal, the skin will need nutrients and moisture that should come from the diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of fluids are highly recommended.

Exercise also helps a lot. It improves the circulation and by building new muscles a new layer forms beneath the skin, so it fits better. Higher reps with low weight dumbbells and resistance machines are particularly recommended for those who want to tighten their skin after weight loss.

Finally, if nothing helps, there is always surgery, which is rarely covered by the insurance plan so it is an expensive option. Body contouring can leave a scar and in any case it is recommended to wait at least six months after losing weight. During that period the skin may go back to normal and the surgery may not be necessary in the end.

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