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Common Causes of Excess Skin

There are individuals which have excess skin on their body. This skin, however, rarely appears on its own. Rather, it is influenced by numerous factors. Obesity is one of these, since, once one gains an abnormal body weight, his/her skin gets accustomed to this factor by stretching, thereby losing its elasticity and remaining such even if this person loses weight one day. Also, unnatural weight losses incorporating surgeries and fat removal are guaranteed to leave you with all the excessive skin which can only hang off your body afterwards. Additionally, some women, after they had given birth, experience the appearance of excessive skin on their bodies. All these people have something in common, and this is the desire to have their unsightly extra skin removed.

Ways of Dealing with Excess Skin

Many will think that surgery is the only way to have your excessive portions of skin removed and tightened. However, this is not necessarily true, as surgery should be left as a last resort, after you try all the other, natural methods for solving this problem.

Those who do set their minds on surgery, will have their skin physically removed, since the surgeons will cut the extra parts away from their body and tighten the rest so as to look like there were never any other portions of skin present in the areas. These methods have become popular nowadays, since more and more people remove their excessive skin this way. There are different “tucks” available for you to apply on your body. Thus, if you are dissatisfied with your tummy, arms, legs, hips, or any other part of your body, you might have it modified more to your liking, through this surgery.

On the other hand, you can always choose natural methods which do not involve physical removal of the excess layers of skin, but, rather, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, both of which can be all you need for solving your problems. Thus, the first step might involve you taking up gym lessons with a personal trainer who will direct your workouts towards developing lean muscle mass capable of tightening your problematic skin areas.

Apart from that, your skin tightness and elasticity can be greatly improved through a proper diet and regular hydration. Thus, make sure you eat healthy and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. You need vitamin A, B and C, fatty acids found in fish oils and some vegetables and healthy proteins best acquired from consuming poultry. So, before going under the knife, make sure you try natural methods instead.

Finally, there are radio treatments like Thermage and Vela Shape, both of which, once you are done with the treatments, can offer stunning results by increasing your skin's elasticity significantly and removing your sagging skin problems.

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