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It's a well known fact that being overweight or obese can cause a vast variety of health problems. However, a small number of people are aware of risks that fast weight loss can produce. Whether you are on a diet, or you take weight loss supplements, or perhaps, you are considering surgical approach to weight problem, you should be aware of potential problems and risks rapid weight loss can bring up to you.

DefinitionAccording to Mayo clinic, rapid weight loss is considered to be a loss of more than two or three pounds (depending on your initial weight) for more than two consecutive weeks. In a first week of some diet program involved, majority of people will lose as far as ten pounds of water, but after that, the rate of losing weight will slow down.

Systemic effects

For your body, to function normally, it is necessary to burn calories you take in through food. The big mistake, when people are on a strict regime of feeding, is that potential decrease of calories taken will not divert your body to burn fat and nothing else. Instead of that, your body will turn to lean muscles or even cells of your organs to burn. This can lead to liver problems, gallstones, kidney failure, brain or heart damage. Because your body needs calcium to function, it will finally turn to your bones, leading to bone damage or osteoporosis.

One of other aspects of this problem is dehydration, which can be a significant danger to runners, people who work-out a lot, or people who are taking phentermine. It is recommended for you to take as much water you can to prevent unnecessary problems dehydration can make.

Cosmetic effects

One of problems malnutrition or lack of calories can indirectly produce is loose skin. This will happen when there is not enough time for your skin to adapt to your muscle tonus. The rapid weight loss can even affect the skin on your face, especially in people who are approaching their 50s. Some people reported a hair loss, as a consequence of lack of some vital vitamins and minerals.

Psychological and emotional approach

Some people use their excess weight as a wall to keep the distance, trying to stay sexually unattractive to other people. This can lead to anxiety and other emotional problems. Opposite, other people can become addicted to losing weight, which can lead them to anorexia or bulimia.


Be careful with losing weight. Losing more than 3lbs per week is a signal to change course of your diet or to slow your work-out rate a bit. In addition to that, rapid weight loss can be one of symptoms of some serious medical conditions.

Mayo clinic recommended that people with a gastric bypass find a support group, which will help them to cope with psychological and emotional effects much easier.

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