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Methods ofweight loss

Obesity is aproblem of the modern world, and most people are trying to fight withexcess pounds either by sticking with the traditional (and tried) methodsfor losing weight such as diets and exercise, or try to cut somecorners and get either quick results or make their path to a betterwaistline easier and opt for pills or surgical methods. Most dietpills are useless without an additional effort and most diets have ayo-yo effect. However, surgeons have developed procedures that reallyhelp to loose weight. These are known as restrictive surgeries.

Gastric banding surgery

Restrictivesurgeries such as gastric banding surgery are operations whichutilize one of numerous techniques which reduce the size of thestomach. A person that underwent restrictive surgery eats less andfeels full even though less food has been consumed since the saidperson's stomach is now smaller. As a result, less excess caloriesare consumed and this results in weight loss.

Gastricbypass surgery and laparoscopic gastric banding surgery (or, short,gastric banding surgery) are two most used surgeries for weight loss.

Gastricbanding surgery comprises is performed with laparoscopic tools.During the procedure, an adjustable silicone band is placed aroundthe upper part of the stomach.

Once squeezedby the silicone band, the stomach is transformed into a pouch thathas only about an inch wide outlet and can hold just about an ounceof food when full. The band is filled with sterile salt water. Volumeof this saline can be adjusted in accordance to needs, thus makingthe stomach volume larger or smaller and reducing possible sideeffects. Saline is injected through a tissue-friendly plastic tubethat runs under the skin as is connected to a device located justunder the skin, through which the saline can be injected or removed.This type of surgery is regarded as the safest and least invasivesurgical method for weight loss. the procedure is reversible, as theinstalled apparatus can be removed safely, and the stomach thentypically returns to its normal size.


On average,gastric banding surgery causes some 40% of excess weight to be lost,but results will wary widely.

Side effects

Gastricbanding has very low rate of complications. Still, some persons canexperience nausea and vomiting, usually because the band isovertightened. This is easily regulated. Possible surgicalcomplications include problems with the device, wound infections orsome amount of bleeding.

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