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Exercise videos have undergone asignificant development and many sets of changes during the course oftheir existence. People who invented them have changed the lives ofmany people by introducing these types of physical activity. During, its development, home workout videos have changed regarding theapproach to exercising, the methodology and the very concept of it.It has reached a state where it is an industry, earning extremelylarge amounts of money, getting more popular now than ever before.

Chronological Development of HomeExercise Videos

It all started in the 1950 with JackLaLanne. This man introduced the world of fitness and propernutrition to many and was truly one of the first to ever do it overthe television network. His show was aired for thirty years duringwhich he provided numerous people with useful pieces of advice anddemonstrations leading them into their physical development itself.After him, came Richard Simmons. His name still echoes the fitnessworld of the 70s. Initially losing more than 100 pounds beforestarting his own workout program, this man had many appearances ontelevision and eventually started his own show, being very popularand productive, with excellent musical background accompanying everyworkout.

The 80s were all in the lights ofaerobics. First of all, there was Jane Fonda. Introducing thespecific workout fashion of the times, with leg warmers and all, shedelivered the world of aerobic and fitness to many households viaboth television and the rising evolution of the VCR technology.

Women continued rocking the fitnessscene of the 80s. Denise Austin was one of them. Initially havingappearances in Jack Lalanne's show, she later had a show of her own.Apart from her regular fitness broadcasting over the TV networks, shealso published numerous home workout videos.

The onset of the 90s made home fitnessexercises more popular than ever. With the introduction of stepaerobics, there were numerous different instructors, advertisingliterally everywhere, offering their own unique and effectiveexercise videos, guaranteeing maximum effect.

Video Home Workouts Nowadays

With more fitness, bodybuilding andworkout instructors than ever before, the modern era sure offers manychanges and alternatives. Apart from trying to implement fitnessthrough yoga, kickboxing and many other different disciplines,workout videos are available on numerous different media. You maychoose to buy a DVD or stream the desired videos directly from theInternet. Many instructors are available on the YouTube site, somemore popular than the others. With the current abundance ofexercising media, one surely can learn how to get fit in thousanddifferent ways.

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