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Evening Primrose Oil is a product about which there are many claims with regard to fertility and pregnancy. Evening Primrose Oil contains something known as Gamma Linolenic Acid. This acid is believed to help increase the lubrication of the female body. Gamma Linolenic Acid is also believed to hold benefits with regard to healthy mucus membranes and the proper and balanced production of cervical mucus. Healthy cervical mucus is vital during the period of fertility. This is because it allows sperm to move freely and easily through the cervix.

About Evening Primrose Oil

Cervical mucus is known to become stretchy and thin both before and during ovulation. The texture is said to be very similar to the texture of raw egg whites at this point. For some women, there might be difficulties with regard to the adequate production of this substance. It is in this case that Evening Primrose Oil is said to provide benefits for a woman seeking to maximize her chances of becoming pregnant.

Evening Primrose Oil, it is claimed, can assist in the increase and production of cervical mucus. It will do so naturally and safely, according to those who promote its use and believe in its benefits. Evening Primrose Oil might also help to provide a so-called non hostile environment in the cervix. This will of course be of great benefit to the sperm, as it will become easier to successfully navigate the previously hostile environment of the cervix, thus leading to an increased chance at conception.

Evening Primrose Oil, as indicated earlier in this article, is also a good source of the natural chemical known as Gamma Linolenic Acid. Gamma Linolenic Acid is an omega-6 fatty acid. During bodily changes, this acid will be converted into something known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins, in essence, are types of enzymes. These enzymes are believed to play a role in successfully balancing the production and maintenance of a female’s reproductive hormones. In addition to this fact, prostaglandins are also believed to be proactive in the support and maintenance of a variety of vital bodily functions, including the regulation of moisture of the body’s mucous membranes.

There are many people out there who firmly believe in the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil, and who are not afraid to say so. Some people report positive effects after a mere few days. Some have also reported to feel increased sensation and increased sexual drive.

However, there is of course resistance to several of the theories surrounding Evening Primrose Oil. The oil is, though, used in the treatment of eczema, arthritis and diabetic neuropathy. Difficulties with regard to testing has led to divided opinion on the subject.

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