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Estrogen side effects

Of six estrogenic substances that are found in a woman's body, only three of those are contained in huge amounts. Those three are estrone, estradiol and estriol. Among these three, E-1 estrone is the most powerful and it is created by the ovaries. E-2 17 beta Estratiol is the most common and is modified to estrone the natural way. After that, it is turned into E-3 estriol which is the least common of these three. All these estrogens will provoke the same effects and side effects if their dosage is the same. Estrogens are substances in the body which provoke certain effects. Some of these effects are growth and making sure that the female reproductive system and every female characteristic are in order. Estrogens are known to cause fluid retention and to play a part in the breaking down of protein. Apart from this, estrogens make sure that it does not come to ovulation and breast engorgement after a woman gave birth. Estrogens also play a part in the shaping of the skeleton because they have an influence on the calcium.

One of the side effects which occurs more often than others is the enlargement or tenderness of the breasts in both men and women. Other not so uncommon side effects are swelling of the legs and ankles, loss of appetite, weight gain or loss, water retention, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. If a person has an estrogen patch he or she may experience skin rash, irritation and redness of that spot.A person that uses estrogen for a long period of time or in large doses has more chance of getting uterus cancer. Women who use estrogen have more chance of getting breast cancer and if they take it after menopause they might end up with some sort of a gallbladder illness. Stroke and heart attack may happen to a person because of the blood clots which estrogen intake may provoke.

Estrogen side effects that need immediate medical attention

If a person experiences abdominal pain or tenderness or swelling, massive bleeding of the vagina, breast lumps, coughing blood or having problems with speaking, immediate medical help should be sought. Apart from these a person should go to the hospital if pain in the chest or calves, strong headaches, dizziness, skin irritation, vision changes or shortness of breath occur. Yellowing of the skin or eyes is another reason to seek medical attention.

Less common estrogen side effects

There are some side effects that do not occur that often and are rare. Such side effects are bleeding gums, vaginal spotting, painful menstruation, mild diarrhea, loss of scalp hair, migraine headaches and depression. These are only some of these side effects.

Stroke, blood-clot formation, loss of coordination, slurred speech and vision changes are pretty rare side effects as well.

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