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Prostate cancer treatment side effects

Prostate cancer treatment is a thing that is planned to the smallest details. However, no doctor can guarantee that he or she will destroy any other cells apart from those that are cancerous. Because of this, some side effects do occur during these treatments.Like with most cancer types, the type and extent of the treatment will determine the outcome of the side effects. In addition to this, not every person will experience the same side effects. A person should remember to let the doctor know if any side effects have occurred.

Side effects of prostate cancer surgery

One side effect that every person that goes through with this surgery will experience is pain. However, this pain can be eased with the usage of right medications. Fatigue is also a normal inconvenience that happens to a person right after the procedure.Some of the more serious side effects include permanent impotence and urinary incontinence. However, these side effects do not occur as often as they did in the past and it is because surgeons use new methods. With a successful surgery these two problems will only be temporary.

Side effects of prostate cancer radiation therapy

This type of therapy will lead to exhaustion and tiredness with the patients. Because of this, it is very important that the patient rests a lot. However, doctors will usually recommend that patients should be as active as possible. Other side effects with this therapy include diarrhea and uncomfortable urination. Apart from this, the area that is being treated usually becomes red, dry and tender. Another side effect that can be either permanent or temporary is hair loss in the pelvic area.

Impotence is a problem that does not occur that often. People who have external radiation therapy have more chance of ending up permanently impotent.

Side effects of prostate cancer hormone therapy

Some of the side effects of hormone therapy are loss of sexual desire, impotence and hot flashes. Estrogen, LHRH agonists and orchectomy are the hormones that can cause these side effects. At the beginning of the LHRH agonists intake, the symptoms may become worse because the tumor has grown. However, this is only temporary because the drug will make the testosterone level decrease in time which will result in the slowing down of the tumor growth.

Estrogen intake may cause nausea, vomiting and even swelling and tenderness of the breasts.

Prostate cancer chemotherapy side effects

Side effects from this treatment depend on the drugs that are being used.

Prostate cancer biological therapy side effects

People who go through this type of treatment may experience fever, chills, weakness, nausea, diarrhea and some other side effects.

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