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Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common medicalconditions everywhere around the world and it affects a large number of people.It may sometimes be rather difficult to achieve and maintain an erectionrequired for a proper sexual intercourse. There are various contributingfactors which may be associated with the onset of erectile dysfunction andthose factors are either physical, psychological or both at the same time. Thesequence which makes the penile erection possible involves the nerve impulsesin the brain, the spine, the muscular response, veins, arteries, fibroustissues and what not.


There are various sorts of medical conditions which may beheld responsible for the onset of erectile dysfunction. Prostate cancer may notbe that common but it may still be associated with erectile dysfunction due tothe radiation therapy required for the treatment of this type of cancer.Various vascular diseases can also be held responsible for the onset oferectile dysfunction. Such medical conditions include high levels of badcholesterol in the blood, hypertension and hardening of the arteries. Variousdifferent types of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’sdisease, multiple sclerosis and stroke along with spinal cord injuries can alsobe the triggers of erectile dysfunction. It is also a widely known fact thatkidney disease may trigger certain chemical changes in the body which may havea negative effect on the energy levels, nerve functions, circulation, hormonalbalance and other factors which may lead to erectile dysfunction. Diabetes isalso one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Not all causes oferectile dysfunction are related to medical conditions. Prostate enlargement isalso one of the possible causes of erectile dysfunction. A large number ofprescription drugs are known for causing erectile dysfunction as well. Thosewho consume drugs, alcoholic beverages and various different types of tobaccoproducts should know that they can easily face the problem of erectile dysfunction.Venous leak triggered by surgeries or injuries may also sometimes be the causeof erectile dysfunction. Various different types of hormonal balances whichaffect the testosterone, prolactin and thyroid hormones may affect the reactionto sexual stimulation and lead to the onset of erectile dysfunction. Variousdifferent sorts of injuries to the penis, spinal cord, bladder and the pelvisare also possible causes. Numerous sorts of surgeries may also be associatedwith the onset of erectile dysfunction. The sufferer requires partner’s help.

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