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Erectile dysfunction is a common problem. It can be short or long term in nature, depending on the circumstances or underlying causes that lead to the occurrence of the problem. Many men feel uncomfortable about discussing this problem, and the condition can go hand in hand with problems such as anxiety, lack of confidence, and nervousness.

Causes and treatment
Physiological as well as mental issues can be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Many men experience problems particularly if they are with a new partner. Fear often worsens the problem, leading to a self-contained circle. As for the physical side of things, there are several underlying conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Problems like this include diabetes and other vascular diseases. Some veno-occulsive problems can also have some problems with erectile dysfunction. These problems prevent blood from remaining in the penis.
Some people might also experience erectile dysfunction as a result of issues with the nervous system. Spinal injuries or surgical injuries can have an impact on the sending of nerve signals to the penis. It is important to remember that erectile dysfunction is almost always a short term problem. Often, the problem can be solved or alleviated through discussion with a loved one or a therapist. If the problem is not addressed early, it might worsen and escalate to a level that becomes difficult to conquer.
If you and your sexual partner are unable to see or find a solution, then it might be necessary to consult a professional who can help you with your problem. The doctor will seek to discover the origin of the problem - this might involve personal questioning. It is important also to remember that there is no embarrassment or shame in discussing problems with your doctor or another professional.
Generally, erectile dysfunction is a self-resolving condition. However, this is not always the case, and there are some types of erectile problems that will require treatment and proper attention. In these cases, it is likely that a doctor or medical professional will recommend the undergoing of a course of anti-depressants. One might also be required to take some form of muscle relaxant. In other, more complicated cases, it might be recommended to take Viagra in order to help alleviate the problem.
In some cases, it might be necessary to undergo a sperm count. This might be particularly true if you are planning to have a child. The sperm count will seek to ensure that everything is normal and that erectile dysfunction has not caused any further damage to the reproductive system.

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