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Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common medical conditions as it affects a large number of men everywhere around the world. This medical condition can easily be characterized as an inability to achieve and maintain a normal penile erection required for a sexual intercourse. It is also often referred to as impotence, but that is not the best way of referring to this medical condition as the term may also be applied to other medical conditions.

Erectile dysfunction affects men from all different age groups but the ones who are affected the most are people who are older than 75. Erectile dysfunction is largely connected to the natural process of aging, but it does not necessarily affect all old men.


Erectile dysfunction may be triggered by various different types of factors and causes. Among the most common types of causes are some types of bladder surgery, some types of prostate surgery, stroke, radiation therapy to the testicles, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, hypogonadism, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, fatigue, various different types of prescription medications, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, depression, anxiety, stress, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction may also sometimes be triggered by certain types of hormonal imbalances.

Drug abuse, excessive smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can also be associated with the development of erectile dysfunction. In some cases, problems with the partner in a relationship may also be held responsible for erectile dysfunction. Certain types of feelings may also lead to the development of erectile dysfunction and those include feeling too self conscious, feeling depressed, feeling stressed, feeling nervous about sex and having problems with the partner.

Diagnose and Treatment

In order to diagnose an erectile dysfunction properly, the doctor needs to be well informed about the patient’s entire medical history. There are also certain physical exams that need to be done. It is also fairly common to take urine and blood samples in order to determine the eventual presence of certain types of disorders and diseases.

The erectile dysfunction treatment methods used in the healing process largely depend on the cause of the condition. Among the most common types of treatment methods for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction are certain types of oral medications such as vardenafil, tadafil and sildenafil. A synthetic medicament called alprostadil may also be used in the form of injections. Other options include surgery, vacuum pump devices and penile implants.

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