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There is almost not a man in the world who has never heard of erectile dysfunction or fears that he might be affected by it. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a person to achieve and maintain a proper erection that is needed in order for a person to have a normal sexual intercourse. However, men need not worry too much since the outlook of erectile dysfunction has drastically improved in the last 11 years. The results are almost perfect. Erectile dysfunction is otherwise known as impotence.

Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

There are a lot of reasons why a person may end up suffering from erectile dysfunction. This problem is pretty common among men. It is mostly the older people who suffer from it but there are no rules when age is concerned and young men and adults may suffer from it as well. A lot of people believe that erectile dysfunction is normal with age but that is not the case. When a young man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, the most common cause is anxiety. The main reasons for anxiety are nervousness about having sex, about getting the partner pregnant and about using a condom.

Psychological causes or erectile dysfunction

There are a lot of cases when erectile dysfunction occurs due to psychological causes, especially among young people. According to the doctors, it is more likely that erectile dysfunction occurs due to some psychological cause than due to a physical cause. This is especially the case with men who still wake up with morning erection and men can still get a good erection when they masturbate.

Some of the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are nerves, guilt, latent gayness, relationship problems, depression and exhaustion. However, in most cases of erectile dysfunction it occurs due to a mixture of psychological and physical causes. Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

There are a lot of physical causes of erectile dysfunction but some occur more often than others. Some of the more common causes are diabetes, deterioration of arteries, smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, and lack of exercise, usage of recreational drugs like cocaine and side effects of certain drugs.

Apart from these, there are also certain causes that do not occur as often but still do like excessive drainage of blood from the veins of the penis, disease of the nervous system, injury to the spinal cord or the brain, serious surgery in the abdomen and hormone problems.

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