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Almost every person in the world has heard of erectile dysfunction. There are a lot of men who suffer from it and experts are looking for various cures that will help men get rid of this problem. The outlook is good and almost every person who suffers from it is most likely on a path of return to successful intercourse. A lot of men who have used some of the new treatments are excited about the result and even say that the treatments have transformed their lives.

What is erectile dysfunction?

There are some people who confuse erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation or retarded ejaculation. However, these people should know that premature ejaculation is when a person comes too quickly while retarder ejaculation is a term used for a person who is unable to reach a climax. Erectile dysfunction is none of these two problems and people should know that erectile dysfunction is a problem when a man cannot get a good enough erection in order to achieve satisfactory intercourse. Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

There are a lot of reasons why a person may suffer from erectile dysfunction. When teenagers and young men are considered, the most common cause of anxiety is nervousness about having sex. Apart from that, worry about causing a pregnancy or using a condom can also lead to erectile dysfunction as well.

Stress, overwork and guilt are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction for middle aged men. Diabetes can be the cause as well. Men who are over their middle ages are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction but according to the studies, 70% of men of this age are sexually potent. Narrowing of the blood vessels that carries the blood to the penis is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction in these men.

Erectile dysfunction due to psychological causes

People should know that psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are common, especially among younger men. Some of the most common psychological causes are nerves about performing, guilt, relationship problems, latent gayness, exhaustion and especially depression.

However, people should know that in most cases of erectile dysfunction it is a mix of physical and psychological problems that is the cause of this particular disorder. Some of the most common physical causes of erectile dysfunction that happen to most men are deterioration of the arteries, diabetes, smoking, excessive drinking and obesity. Erectile dysfunction can occur as a side effect of certain drugs.

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