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Erectile dysfunction is considered to be a fairly commonmedical condition, as it affects a large number of unfortunate men everywherearound the world. It is often confused with certain other medical conditionssuch as retarded ejaculation and premature ejaculation. These medicalconditions are not related to the erectile dysfunction in any way. Erectiledysfunction is a medical condition which can easily be characterized as aninability to achieve and maintain a penile erection required for a normalsexual intercourse. It is a widely known fact that men from different agegroups suffer from erectile dysfunction triggered by different factors andcauses.


When a teenager or a young male person suffers from erectiledysfunction it is usually triggered by anxiety. Anxiety commonly occurs becauseof the condom, fear of causing a pregnancy or the general nervousness abouthaving sex. There are a large number of young men who have troubles maintainingtheir erection while wearing a condom, because it is usually gone once thecondom is put on. Common causes of erectile dysfunction in men who belong tothe middle aged group include bereavement, guilt, stress and overwork. Thereare also certain cases of erectile dysfunction in middle aged men who aretriggered by diabetes. Post middle aged men are commonly affected by erectiledysfunction which occurs due to the natural process of aging. A largepercentage of men who are over 70 years old are still sexually potent though. Thelargest number of cases of erectile dysfunction is caused by the narrowing ofthe blood vessels which are responsible for carrying the blood to the spongytissues in the penis. Contrary to the popular belief, there is only a smallnumber of rare cases of erectile dysfunction which are caused by insufficientamounts of male hormones in a person.

Summing up

Fortunately enough, erectile dysfunction can usually betreated rather easily, but one must always determine the exact cause of thecondition first. There are a large number of cases which involve erectiledysfunction caused by both psychological and physical factors. One needs toreduce the consumption of alcohol, cut down on overwork and reduce the stress.It is also highly recommended to avoid all different types of tobacco productsas much as possible. Sometimes a medication may be responsible for thedevelopment of erectile dysfunction. Proper amounts of sleep and rest are alsoof utmost importance. Talking to the partner about the problem and all possiblesolutions is probably the most important step of the treatment plan.

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