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Erectile dysfunction is a certain condition among men that occurs quite a lot and causes problems with their sexual life. There is almost not a person in the world that does not know what erectile dysfunction is or has never heard of it. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a person to achieve and maintain an erection that is needed in order to have a proper sexual intercourse.

Due to the fact that a satisfied sex life is very important for every person in the world, a person who suffers from impotence cannot have it and that is a big problem. According to the data, one person out of ten is suffering from erectile dysfunction. A person who suffers from this condition will repeatedly fail to have a proper erection every time he gets engaged in sexual encounter. Apart from not being able to have sex, a person will also experience a sudden downfall I the mood towards sex.

What is erectile dysfunction?

As most people know, erectile dysfunction is the inability of a person to achieve and maintain a proper erection needed for the sexual intercourse.Erection in men is characterized by strong blood flow in the penis. When a man gets aroused, the brain signals the fibrous tissues in the penis which causes the tissues to relax and allow strong blood flow inwards. When the blood flows in, the tissues in the outer line of the penis trap and contract that blood. This is the result of chain of several different processes and if one of the processes in the chain fails, a person will not be able to achieve an erection and erectile dysfunction occurs.

The causes

There are a lot of causes of erectile dysfunction and most of them are psychological or physical. Doctors even claim that, in most cases of ED, the cause is a mixture of these two factors. An injury to the genitals, diabetes and side effects of certain drugs are the most common physical causes.Psychological causes are the inability of a person to concentrate, lack of confidence in the sexual partner and mental imbalance, among many others.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

Before deciding on the erectile dysfunction treatment, the doctor will diagnose the person’s problems to the tinniest details. When the cause is discovered, only then the doctor will prescribe a treatment. Prescribed medications and a special diet are usually a part of the treatment.Psychotherapy is also a possibility. In some cases even surgery is an option.

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