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Lack of ability to gain and retain erection through course of sexual activity is referred to as erectile dysfunction. This condition is often mixed with others like problems with orgasm and ejaculation or lack of sexual desire. More common problem which is experienced by most of males is occasional erection failure that can appear in phases. This happens due to various reasons which include extreme exhaustion and drinking.

Studies imply that 1 of 10 adult males is affected by a long term ED. A good indicator that the problem requires treatment is when erection fails in over 50% of the time. ED is not related to aging. Though men of age require additional stimulation, they are quite capable of attaining erection and enjoy sexual activity.

For an erection to happen, the stimulus must arrive from the brain, nerves that lead to the penis must work properly and blood flow to the penis must be right. Full erection will not be achieved if any of these three factors are obstructed.

ED can be caused by penis injury, nerve conditions, cardiovascular system conditions, anxiety, stress or depression, Peyrone’s disease, chronical illness and certain medication. Bladder, prostate and colon cancer operation may also cause ED.Depending on the cause, the ED may or may not be prevented.

After reviewing family and personal medical history the doctor can prescribe oral medication like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. In case the therapy fails, the doctor may recommend a psychologist or urologist.In case of suspicion of ED seeing a doctor is a good idea. The doctor can analyze and diagnose the cause of the problem if there is one. This will indicate the way of further treatment if it is required.Erectile dysfunction is treated by sex therapy, oral medications, penile injection, vacuum devices, intraurethal medication and surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction Diet and Exercise

Studies imply that ED can be caused by certain conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension and high cholesterol. These conditions can be controlled and erectile dysfunction can be cured by healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, maintaining healthy weight and reducing cholesterol levels.

Healthy diet reduces consumption of saturated fat and consists of more vegetables, fruits and whole grain. High cholesterol blocks and interrupts the blood flow through arteries and may cause ED. Cholesterol can be lowered by healthy nutrition, regular exercise and medication.

Regular physical activity and exercise strengthen the body, help lose weight, keep the blood circulation healthy, relief stress and therefore reduce the chance of ED happening. The exercise program should become a part of daily schedule. It is important to find enjoyable physical activity, so that exercising does not become a chore.

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