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Unfortunately for women, bowel symptoms are an unfortunate but common consequence related to endometriosis. Such symptoms can accompany chronic endometriosis and may affect the quality of life a female has, so medical treatment is the best possible option in order to handle the problem. There are no research studies which indicate just how many women with endometriosis will experience bowel symptoms, but a large number of ladies report some type of discomfort at some point in time. When endometriosis groups came about during the 1980's, it became well-known that many women with the disease suffered from bowel problems. At the time, doctors were not clear about recognizing that these symptoms could be directly related to the condition.

When endometriosis information and statistics reached national levels it became apparent that the problem was more common than anyone had previously realized. When trying to conceive a baby, a woman with endometriosis may experience infertility due to the condition. Coupled with the fact that painful intercourse and vaginal bleeding may already be influencing the frequency of sex, endometriosis related bowel symptoms can also have a direct impact as well. Not having regular sexual intercourse when trying to get pregnant, can even further delay a couple being able to conceive. In women that have endometriosis related bowel symptoms, it can be directly attributed to the female having nodules near or around the Pouch of Douglas. A physician may be able to palpate and detect these nodules during a vaginal examination and may refer the woman to a bowel specialist for further consultation and treatment.

Sometimes the woman may need to have a colonoscopy examination in order to determine if nodules are present on the Pouch of Douglas, but because the nodules do not normally penetrate the bowel wall the test may be inconclusive. When trying to conceive and experiencing difficulty, endometriosis related gastrointestinal pain and bowel symptoms need to be addressed as quickly as possible. With medical intervention and the right treatment, a woman can correct the problem and experience a better quality of life as a result. Knowing the signs and symptoms of endometriosis bowel problems and doing something about it will improve the health of the female and increase the chances of a healthy conception when she is ready to have a baby.

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