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Endometriosis is not a disease that by itself causes the uterus to abnormally bleed, however it can create problems which can affect the ovaries, brain and uterus. When a woman has abnormal bleeding with endometriosis, a doctor would need to perform an examination to determine the cause behind the problem. There are many reasons why a woman could experience abnormal vaginal bleeding which may be indirectly related to endometriosis:

Endometriosis ovarian bleeding could be related to ovarian endometriomas or chocolate cysts which are filled with old menstrual blood. The condition can lead to a hormonal imbalance which could cause bleeding. Ovaries get so encased in adhesions from endometriosis that cysts will form and cause an imbalance of hormones and bleeding. Some of the medical treatments for endometriosis can lead to hormonal imbalance and abnormal bleeding can be due to certain medications such as Lupron, Depo-Provera, Synarel and Danocrine. Pain, stress and other medications can interfere with the absorption of other endometriosis drugs and can lead to bleeding.

Many women suffering from endometriosis will in the end more than likely experience some form of abnormal bleeding. While endometriosis ovulation bleeding is also considered to be abnormal, a woman without the disease can also experience ovulation-related bleeding. Once all of the endometrial tissue has been removed from the body, many women will notice that any abnormal bleeding patterns will alleviate and self-correct within a period of 2-4 months. It is important for a woman to remember that hormones and treatment for endometriosis can lead to abnormal bleeding and there is bleeding which can be completely independent of the disease.

Only a qualified medical specialist can diagnose and treat abnormal bleeding, it is not something that a woman should ever try to handle on self-treat. Ovulation-related endometrial bleeding is something that can be a bothersome side effect of the disease. A woman suffering from endometriosis needs to seek the help of a medical specialist in order to address the issue of abnormal bleeding. With time and the right treatment, endometriosis ovulation bleeding is something that can be treated, managed and controlled and does not have to affect the woman's quality of life.

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