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The most common and difficult side effect of endometriosis is chronic pelvic pain, which can be very difficult to deal with. For many women, the pain being endured can interfere with the quality of life and make it unbearable. The pain from endometriosis is more intense during the menstrual cycle and will get progressively worse with time if the disease is not treated. In addition to endometriosis pain symptoms, there are other pains a woman can experience during the month.

A woman can experience endometrial pain when ovulating, due to adhesions, an inflammation of the pelvic cavity, painful bowel movements and uncomfortable sexual intercourse. Usually the most pain a woman will endure from endometriosis takes place during menstruation and can cause a female to have a prolonged menstrual cycle and irregular, heavy bleeding. Not only does endometriosis cause physical discomfort, but there is also emotional pain associated with the disease. The emotional stress a woman experiences due to endometriosis is primarily because of the fact that most others will not be able to comprehend the amount of pain a woman experiences on a daily basis.

For a woman suffering from endometriosis pain, the misery and distress build up over time and affect the quality of life the female will have. Most women with endometriosis will experience a considerable amount of pain in the pelvic region. The pain feels like severe cramping and can extend into the lower back and rectal area and continue down the legs. If the tissue has spread to vital organs, the pain from endometriosis can occur in other areas such as the bladder, kidneys or intestines. The amount or severity of pain a woman will endure with endometriosis can vary from woman to woman. Some women go through excruciating pain while others will be asymptomatic, each person is different.

There are no statistics which highlight what percentage of women will experience pain from endometriosis, but as a whole most will experience a great deal. Endometriosis pain symptoms can be treated using surgery, traditional medicine or some other form of alternative therapies. What works for one woman will not work for all women, but when managed a female can get the disease under control and have a normal quality of life once again.

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