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Endometriosis is a serious condition affecting women in their reproductive years. It is characterized by displacement of endometrial cells which can easily end up in different pelvic organs such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix etc. These cells since they originate from the endometrium also react to hormonal changes during the entire menstrual cycle and cause a palette of health issues.

Today many women suffering from endometriosis opt for natural progesterone cream in order to bring symptoms of the condition under control. The cream is efficient because sufficient amounts of progesterone may prevent further development of endometriosis and proliferation of endometrial implants. It can also shrink the already existing endometrial implants and act against estrogen dominance.

How to Use Natural Progesterone Cream?

Progesterone is a female hormone capable of stopping further development of endometrial cells. In order to achieve the mentioned effects, a woman is supposed to apply the cream from day 6 of the cycle and stop with the treatment on day 26. The treatment cessation takes place just before a period.Women who had been using the cream for 4-6 months reported that menstrual pains became less intensive and monthly bleeding was not so heavy as it had been prior to applying the cream.

Natural progesterone in the cream is similar to progesterone synthesized in the body, which is associated with fewer side effects comparing to treatment with chemically modified prescription hormones.

It is essential to avoid use of synthetic progestins (e.g. Megestrol or Provera) with natural progesterone cream because these drugs will compete with natural progesterone regarding receptor/ binding sites.

Natural Progesterone Cream and Treatment for Endometriosis

In order to be fully informed how to use this cream, one should consult a well experienced gynecologist. The doctor will also decide whether the woman is a suitable candidate for the treatment or she should undergo more complex treatment for endometriosis.

In the majority of cases, women are recommended a progesterone cream with at least 500mg of natural progesterone per ounce. Initially, during the first 4-6 months, one should not apply more than 1 ½ to 3 ounces of cream and only apply the cream between the 6th and 26th day of the cycle.

The cream can be applied (is rubbed) onto any part of the body. However, the best results are achieved if it is applied onto the areas with better circulation such as the breast, neck, back, chest, arms, thighs or soles of the feet. Only one application, usually before bed time will suffice. Women with a lot of body fat may need a higher dose so that the adequate dose can be eventually absorbed.

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