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If it is suspected that a woman has endometriosis, through a pelvic examination a healthcare professional can determine the size and location of reproductive organs, but it is not a way to diagnose the disease. Endometriosis is a condition of the female reproductive organs which can result in abnormal growths in the vagina, uterus, ovaries and uterine ligaments. A pelvic exam is the first thing done when a doctor suspects endometriosis in a female. A physician will check for abnormal location of pelvic organs, pelvic tenderness, hardened tissue, normal organ size and other tenderness.

With endometriosis a woman can have inflammation or general pain in the area between the uterus and rectum. A woman can be afraid when considering what to expect at an endometriosis specialists check-up, which is completely normal. A pelvic examination can be completely normal, even if a woman has endometriosis, which means a laparoscopic exploratory evaluation may be necessary to pinpoint a diagnosis. If symptoms strongly suggest endometriosis, and a woman has had a laparoscopic procedure, the physician may consider prescribing a round of hormonal therapy or medications to help manage the symptoms.

A pelvic examination will allow a healthcare provider to examine the female organs and check for any abnormalities. The first step prior to the actual examination would be consulting with the physician to obtain a medical history, allergy information, any preexisting health conditions, last menstrual cycle, and discuss any medications being taken. Once the medical history has been taken, the woman will have her weight, blood pressure and temperature taken and be led into an examination room. A physician will explain about the different steps of the examination and ask the woman to lie down on the examination table and provided with a sheet to put over the legs and abdomen. Then the woman will move down to the end of the table and put her feet into the stirrups with knees bent and allow the legs to fall to the sides in a relaxed position.

There are three parts to a pelvic exam the doctor will check the outside of the vagina, the inside and sometimes a rectal examination will be performed to check for any abnormalities. Knowing what to expect at endometriosis specialists check-up will help a woman relax and not be so frightened about things. Finding a specialist for treating an endometriosis is the first step in allowing a woman to take control over the disease and help manage the symptoms and improves quality of life.

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