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Endometriosis is a disease in which endometrial tissues grow outside the uterus and can become attached to other parts inside the body. An endometrial implant can lead a woman to experience many different problems such as irregular bleeding, painful sexual intercourse, pelvic and lower back pain and infertility. Diagnosing the condition can only be done by a trained medical professional using laparoscopy and doing a physical examination of the pelvic region. Endometriosis implants are not cancerous, but the disease will only get worse with time and if not treated. When a woman has her period each month, the endometrial tissue will also bleed and the female will experience internal bleeding, inflammation and cysts.

Pain is the most common side effect of endometriosis and a woman will seek any possible option available when trying to eliminate the discomfort. There are alternative and natural treatment for endometriosis methods which a woman may not be aware of that could manage the side effects of the disease. Endometriosis if moderate, usually does not pose a problem unless a woman desires to have a baby, at which point fertility could be impaired. With treatment the disease can be controlled and the woman can be restored back to normal health. If medical treatment has not worked well for handling endometriosis, there are other options available.

Such options could include herbal medicine which involves the use of plants both externally and internally to improve the health. Herbal medicine relies on the therapeutic agents found in plants to help a woman s body use its own powers of recuperation to heal the disease. Alternative and natural treatment for endometriosis can help a woman experience excellent results. There are many case studies being done which highlight how much better it can be for some women that use natural methods for dealing with endometriosis. Many of the alternative or natural treatments used for endometriosis come from other cultures and ancient healing traditions found all over the world. A woman could use a combination of dietary modifications, acupuncture, yoga, Chinese herbal remedies, homeopathy, naturopathy and aromatherapy to help manage and treat endometriosis. While it is worthwhile to keep all options open and becoming informed, a woman should not only limit herself to using traditional medical means for treating endometriosis because alternative therapies can yield unexpectedly positive results.

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