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Most of us do not enjoy being bitten by a mosquito. Rather, we spend most of the spring, summer and even autumn in order to repel these tiny vampires with chemicals and various killing items which squash them, leaving trophies all around our freshly painted walls. However, mosquitoes can be avoided much easier than we can possibly think. Again, mother nature has thought of the way. Read on to find out how.

Plants which Repel Mosquitoes

The first one of the lots of natural mosquito repellents is citronella. This plant, due to its popularity is also named mosquito plant. Citronella grows to be up to two feet high and blooms once a year, having lavender-colored flowers. Moreover, it only grows under adequate temperatures, so citronella must be protected and kept warm. Fortunately, citronella oil can be found in many perfumes on the market. However, be careful when planting it in your garden, since cats are not fond of this plant as well.

Next, there is rosemary, being a large shrub with blue flowers. It can manage living in dry conditions. Additionally, a plant which many people have in their gardens but are unaware of its powers is marigold. The smell of marigold is enough to keep mosquitoes at bay. Marigolds require sunny areas in order to grow beautifully, so consider this once you begin planting your lines of defense.

It does not stop there, however, since there are numerous other plants which are powerful mosquito repellents. Besides giving you a nice and vivid backyard, lemongrass can also protect you from these insects, due to citronella oil it consists of. This plant requires warm climate and originates from India.

Another aesthetically pleasing nightmare for mosquitoes is lavender. Beautiful, this plant is easy to grow, as long as you have enough sun in the backyard.

More Unusual Defenders

The final members of this natural line of defense are catnip, horsemint and garlic. Not so long ago, people have become aware of the incredible powers of catnip, using it as an insect repellent. It is a perennial plant with white or lavender-colored flowers. Yet, remember that catnip is like a drug for felines, so keep these plants protected from your furry friends.

As for horsemint, all you need to do is to plant in on the sunny side and enjoy as it repels mosquitoes and attracts butterflies. Finally, garlic will also work for these blood-sucking insects, since they are not fond of its bulbs at all.

All in all, you need to bear these things in mind during your garden decoration, and never worry about mosquitoes since they will likely skip your house during their dinner time.

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