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Pain behind Ear

If you feel any pain behind ears, you should visit a doctor immediately, because this pain can be a result of some other health problems. Some of them can be serious, which is a reason more why you need medical care. Sudden and severe pain behind ears needs medical attention, especially if it is intensive and long lasting. The treatment is also necessary because it is hard to cope with this pain every day.

What are the symptoms?

The main symptom is pain behind and inside the ear, which occurs frequently, but other signs such as high body temperature can be present as well. If this happens, then you probably have infection that must be treated right away, so that it wouldn't affect other organs that are close. When you feel continuous pain behind ear, you will most likely be touchy and annoyed and small things will easily bother you.

When seeking for medical help, be aware that the doctor will examine you and ask you some questions. You have to try to be as honest as you can when you answer these questions. The doctor needs this information in order to get the exact diagnose and treatment, and he will probably ask you about your body temperature, the intensity of pain and where exactly the pain is localized, do you feel water in your ear and similar.

What can cause pain behind ear?

This pain can be a result of numerous conditions such as inflammation of middle ear, ear canal, or outer ear. It can also happen due to the injury of the membrane in the ear. If the lymph gland is increased, an infection of the bone located near the ear can occur and that can be the reason for pain sensation. If you spend a lot of time in water, you can easily come down with swimmer’s ear, which is also an inflammation of the ear. If you catch cold, you might experience mild pain in ears, but toothache can cause this sensation as well. If you experience Barotrauma, which is caused by difference in the pressure between the two sides of the eardrum, your ear can be hurt and it will manifest in pain.

Regardless of the reason of the pain, it will disappear once you start with the proper treatment. That is why you must seek for medical help as fast as you can, and you have to be honest with the doctor, so that you could get the right treatment.

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