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Most people will suffer from some kind of skin problem during their life. The majority of people are born with either dry or oily skin, and this article will seek to focus on the former. This problem can lead to redness, itchiness, and tightness. Some people might also be embarrassed to be seen in public if they are suffering from this condition. The condition can be aggravated by winter and harsh weather conditions. Extremes of heat or sunshine can also be potentially harmful to the skin.
Dry skin problems
Dry skin is an extremely common problem. Those who live in countries with extremes of heat are normally more prone to dry skin and skin problems in general. A large amount of cases are caused by a lack of secretion of sebum by the skin. As a result of this condition, the skin can become patchy, excessively dry, and stretched. One might become irritable or uncomfortable due to this condition. Dehydration is another common cause of dry or peeling skin. If you are not getting enough water, or if you are consuming too many sugary products, then you might be vulnerable to dry, or flaky skin. If you want your skin to remain hydrated, it is necessary to consume as much as water as possible. Try not to let your body become dehydrated, as this will lead to the skin becoming dehydrated as well. Diet can also play a part in drying out the skin. Eating raw vegetables and fruits can help one to avoid the skin becoming dehydrated.
Dry skin prevention
There are several ways through which one can take precautions to avoid the skin becoming dry. Try to stay away from drinking too much alcohol, or smoking too much, as this can lead to problems with the skin as well as with the body overall. Both of these things are diuretics, which can lead to the drying of the skin. Harsh soaps can also dry out the skin, so try to use a mild facial cleanser if possible. Consuming more vitamin E can be great for the skin. Foods that contain this vital vitamin include turnips, tomatoes, nuts, avocado, and wheat germ. Hot water can also be harmful, so try not to take too many long showers or baths, especially during the cold season. Try to wash your face just once or twice each day, preferably just before bed if it is at all possible.

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