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General informationDry skin is inevitable feature of the older people but skin can become dry due to different causes. Dry skin can go with itching, it can be red and even painful. This condition is actually very common and some forms are mild and can be easily treated. There are all sorts of treatments at disposal.

On the surface of normal skin there is a layer that has a characteristic of lubricant which protects your skin. If this layer is eliminated in any way the outcome is dry skin known as xerosis.

Causes Cosmetics – Many of conventional cosmetic products are filled with components that aren’t good for your skin. Many of these ingredients are cause of dry skin. Mineral oils are taken from crude oil and they are harmful to skin. It is often used due to its low price. More expensive skin care products are better solution since they aren’t harmful to your skin and can help with problem of dry skin. Sun – Longer exposure to the sun is damaging the outer layer of skin. Sunburns are especially detrimental and should be prevented. Air conditioning and central heating – Causing dry skin due to reducing air humidity. Hot baths – Hot water is affecting your skin because it is taking away its natural oil. Better choice is a shower though water mustn’t be hot but warm. Hot baths are especially damaging the skin if they are taken too long. Shampoos, soaps and detergents are harmful as well. They contain bad components that contribute to dry skin. Each of these products that make vast foam must be avoided. Soap should be natural. Deodorant free as well as fragrance free products are a good choice. Antibacterial soaps are also bad for your skin. Psoriasis and eczema – These medical conditions are one of the causes of dry skin. They have to be treated with special remedies. Drugs – abuse of drug is also causing dry skin condition. Weather – dry air as well as cold weather is harmful for your skin. High quality skin care products are necessary especially in the winter. Clothes – uncomfortable clothing should be avoided.In some cases you will need to seek help from doctor. In most cases you can just follow these advices to reduce drying of your skin. Natural products with avocado and babassu oil are beneficial to your skin. Don’t be tricked with cosmetic products that are advertised on TV but always look for those with quality ingredients.

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