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Dry Socket

In the procedures of tooth extractions complications are not a common occurrence. However, many people can experience the dry socket after they have had their tooth extracted. A socket is the cavity in the jawbone in which the root of a tooth is stored. During, the procedure of extracting, both the tooth and the root of the tooth are taken out and that makes the socket becomes filled with blood clots. Dry socket is a socket that evokes the pain after the tooth surgery, caused by the loss of blood clots. Blood clots are very important for the healing processes of the tooth as they protect the bone and the nerves from damaging. The pain of the dry socket can last for 4 or 5 days and it usually emerges a couple of days after the surgery. The dry socket is also called alveolar osteitis and it can cause bad odor or the severe pain due to the absence of the clot in the socket. The most common reasons of dry socket presence include intake of oral contraceptives, poor after care, complications while extraction procedure or smoking.


People who experience a dry socket after the tooth extraction should be really careful about curing this condition. There are several dry socket treatments, but each one of them depends on the severity of the condition. You should clean the socket thoroughly and take some medications to prevent infections and control the pain. Some of the medications that help in reducing the pain are inflammatory drugs such as antibiotics, NSAIDs, etc. Some patient may not find the medications helpful in the case of dry socket and they can require the nerve blocks. Sometimes, using the appropriate mouth wash is recommended. The whole healing process of the dry socket treatment last for about two weeks.


You should know a couple of things if you want to avoid having a dry socket after the tooth extraction. The most important thing is to avoid smoking and not only after the surgery, but also a couple of days before it. Women tend to get this condition more than man because of the high levels of estrogen, so it is recommended for women to go for this procedure in the last days of the cycle. You can also prevent dry socket by not using the oral contraceptives and you should consult a doctor before you start using them. You have to avoid spitting for a couple of days as it can cause the dry socket. To prevent this, you should avoid consuming alcohol and eating carbonated food, so instead try to be on a soft diet. When drinking liquids, you should try using the straw.

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