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There are a lot of women who experience the troubles of dry and itchy skin during the period when they are pregnant. The best way to ease the effects of dry skin during pregnancy is by using the best skin care products and staying properly hydrated. There are a lot of changes that women go through during the time of their pregnancy. Experiencing dry and itchy skin is a pretty common problem and a lot of women experience it. According to the experts, dry skin in pregnancy occurs due to hormonal imbalance. All women know that estrogen levels increase drastically during pregnancy. It is that change in hormone levels that makes the skin dry and itchy. However, women need not worry too much because there are ways they can treat the problem by following certain tips.

Ways of relieving dry and itchy skin during pregnancy

Dry skin during pregnancy is considered to be a normal thing and that is why women should look out for the best skin products that will treat the problem. Experts agree that during pregnancy women need to use gentle cleansers are moisturizers every day. It is also important that the cleansers do not contain any of the synthetic chemicals. Women should buy a natural based product. A very common cleanser is “Murad soothing gentle cleanser” and a lot of dermatologists recommend it. This cleanser will not only soothe the dry skin but will reduce irritation as well. Apart from this one, there are plenty others that are good for dry skin. Women should also use moisturizers and especially those that contain vitamin E, because this vitamin is excellent for the skin. The moisturizer should be applied three minutes after a bath.

Tips for buying the best pregnancy skin care products

Apart from being good for dry skin, women need to look for those skin care products that are not harmful for pregnant women. For instance, women must avoid those products that contain retinoid. Pregnant women and all people who suffer from dry skin must not shower with hot water because hot water only makes the skin drier and destroys the natural oils. Low humidity is one of the causes of dry skin and that is why it would be good to install a humidifier. Pregnant women with dry skin must avoid excessive sun exposure because sun rays only contribute to the dryness of the skin.

It would be best if women prevented their skin becoming dry. The best way to achieve that is to drink a lot of water. At least 8 glasses should be consumed every day. Following a healthy diet is also important.

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