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Consumption of the alcohol during pregnancy may be allowed in extremely small quantities, and some people may even recommend it, but the fact is that it has never been proven that it has any positive influence on the pregnancy or the baby. On the contrary, frequent consumption of alcohol is very likely to cause serious and permanent consequences either to the mother, or to the baby.

FAS is a short term for the fetal alcohol syndrome, which is the condition that develops in some babies before they are born because their mothers use alcohol excessively during the pregnancy. Alcohol may affects the baby only in negative way, its neurons and brain structures may be damaged, it may interfere with baby’s growth and development, and mental or physical problems may be created as well. Based on all these possible consequences of prenatal alcohol exposure, it can be concluded that mental retardation is very possible, which should be a reason good enough for mothers to stay away from any form of alcohol.

When it comes to the cure of fetal alcohol syndrome, the truth is that there is no any possible cure. The damages and disabilities which are caused are permanent, so there is no available or possible treatment which could help with this condition and make a child healthy. Some of the symptoms can be treated, either with medicines or surgeries, or even with several behavioral approaches, but the fact is that the child born with this syndrome will remain mentally and physically handicapped for the rest of the life. Every woman should be aware of that fact when getting pregnant, or even before, because once the damage is done, it is too late for any change.

It is important to mention that besides alcohol consumption, the causes of fetal alcohol syndrome can be many drugs and various heart conditions, such as ventricular septal defect or atrial septal defect. This syndrome can appear in babies of women who have a long history of consuming the alcohol, or with women who are older than 30.

Given that there is no cure, a particular attention should be paid to prevention of this condition, which means that pregnant women with the history of alcohol consumption, or those which keep consuming alcohol, should be sent to rehabilitation, and in cases of very serious alcohol addiction, they should be monitored until giving birth. Or, if nothing else, women who drink should take care about contraceptive methods in order to prevent pregnancy in the first place.

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