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An Apple a Day...

We all know that apples are veryhealthy and are recommended by all nutritionists, being capable oftaking good care of our health while, at the same time doing wondersfor our teeth. However, taking into consideration that there arehundreds of different types of apples available throughout the globe,one would think that they all are different regarding theirnutritional value. Regardless, this is not true. Rather, apples, nomatter where they are coming from, being red, yellow and green or in anycombination of the three, have more or less the same nutritivevalues. Which are these, you might ask. Well, the following lineswill give their best to answer your question.

Nutritional Values of Apples

These juicy, healthy and tasty roundfruits are very good for your health and contain numerous vitalnutrients.

Apples are rich in proteins,carbohydrates, natural sugars, fiber and water. Additionally, theyare extremely rich in vitamins, being the source of vitamins A, C, E and K. These fruits are not short on minerals either, consisting of iron,zinc, copper, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Why is This Good?

Apples have flavonoids, which preventcholesterol from getting stuck onto our artery walls. This way,apples prevent any cardiovascular problem which is quite common intoday's world, due to excessive consumption of junk and processedfood. Thereby, people who enjoy eating apples often have at leastthree times less chances of developing any heart diseases than thosewho do not have this healthy habit related to their diet.

Next, apples are excellent for thosewho desire to lose weight. They are almost completely without fat andcalories. Therefore, they provide your body with sugar, water,proteins and other useful nutrients, thereby not contributing to yourweight gain. This is why many people who went on an apple diet losttheir excessive weight quickly and effectively.

If you want strong bones, you bettereat those tasty apples, since their calcium levels will provide yourbones the density they need. Additionally, apples are excellent foryour mental health as well, since they have elements which preventAlzheimer's disease. Moreover, being rich in fiber and quercetin,apples reduce your chances of developing cancer by stopping thegrowth and advancement of cancer cells.

Finally, bear in mind that the peel isone of the healthiest parts of the apple and do not avoid eating it.

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