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Chocolate Allergy

It is very rare that someone develops an allergy to chocolate, but when this happens, it is essential that the affected person gets a proper treatment as fast as possible. Here you will get to know what the most common signs of chocolate allergy are. There is no doubt that the most of us like chocolate and enjoy in it, but some of us develop allergy to it, too. Chocolate allergy can affect people of different age. If parents have chocolate allergy then their children have higher chances for developing this condition as well, which actually means that genes play a significant role in occurrence of chocolate allergy. Also, those individuals whose immune system is weak tend to get chocolate allergy.

What are the reasons of chocolate allergy?

Chocolates contain cocoa that is processed in many different ways so that the final product that we like so much could be produced. Allergy can develop because of the cocoa in the chocolate, but there are also some other components in the chocolate that can cause allergy. For example, those ingredients can be milk, soy or gluten. There are some additives and chemical substances that are put in chocolate to get a tastier product, and they can also be responsible for the occurrence of allergy. Our bodies can response to these substances in the form of an allergic reaction.

What are the symptoms of allergy to chocolate?

All allergies can cause similar symptoms and that is the case with chocolate allergy as well. The most severe symptom includes problems with breathing, which can occur when a person is allergic to more substances contained in the chocolate. Individuals who suffer from this kind of allergy usually sense that they can’t breathe, they feel lightheaded, sick, have irregular heart beets, pain in stomach and can experience some other symptoms. If someone experiences anaphylactic shock triggered by chocolate allergy, then he or she mustn’t eat chocolate ever again.

Sometimes, people can experience headache after eating chocolate, which probably happens because chocolate contains caffeine. But, if you are experiencing headaches more often, you should consult the doctor because there is always a possibility that something else in causing them. People can also develop skin rash after eating chocolate, and it can also cause irritation and uneasiness. These symptoms of allergy occur due to stimulating effect of cocoa on the nervous system. Sometimes an allergic reaction to chocolate can be heartburn, but this reaction is not that harmful.

When you are allergic to chocolate, that doesn’t necessary means that you must stop using it. You should talk to your doctor in order to perform test that will determine what specific ingredient of the chocolate you are allergic to, and when you discover what is the substance that causes your problems, you can eat chocolates that simply don’t contain it.

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