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Working is hard. However, being a mother of a newborn is even harder. Therefore, once your maternity leave is over and you return to work, you are likely to feel relieved. However, once this happens, you are also bound to feel guilty for leaving your child at home parting ways with your baby during your working hours. Additionally, more problems will appear, making you feel strange and uncomfortable, unable to concentrate on your work. Thus, you need to take one step at a time, and make sure you have the following issues under control.

Getting Back to Work

During your maternal leave, or even before it, make sure you have the process well planned. Know exactly when the best date for getting back to work is, regarding your family obligations, the maternity leave policy of your company and other factors related to the process.

Having and raising a baby is a hard process. This is why you need absolute coordination with your significant other. Moreover, you need all the support you can get and give, since both of the new parents, you and your husband, have experienced the change. Thus, you need to keep your relationship stronger and more supportive than ever, balancing obligations and time perfectly.

Back in the Office

Once you get to work, do not ignore the fact that you are a newly blessed mother. Rather, talk to your superiors and ask for all the support you can get, regarding the work schedule, requirements etc. Additionally, your colleagues can help too, so do not hesitate to ask and rely on them.

Back at Home

While at home, stay aware that you will not possibly be capable of managing all the obligations the way you used to. Thus, delegate and prioritize your lists of necessary things to be done, leaving those less necessary for later, making sure you balance your time and capabilities realistically and productively. Tell the spouse that it might be high time he ironed his own shirts a bit. Alternatively, hire a cleaning lady. All in all, do whatever you think is best in order to keep your household under control.

There are companies which provide lactation stations for their new mothers. If your company has something like this, use it to provide milk for your baby once you get home. If not, purchase a pump and do it in the privacy of your office, when no one is looking. Keep the milk refrigerated and bottled up. This is good both for you and for your baby since he/she will get the best possible food, and you will get the relaxing endorphins from the procedure.

Finally, be prepared to feel guilty for leaving the child at home. However, make sure you cope with it the best way you can, knowing that this is normal and unavoidable. Nevertheless, set up a trial period for your coping with work and motherhood, see if it works for you and then modify it or stick to it.

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