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Diverticulitis or diverticular disease is a condition in which a diverticula is a small lumpy pouch that can be formed anywhere in the digestive tract, is inflamed or infected. This condition becomes common after the person turns 40 years, but the fact is that even though it may cause nausea, fever, and pain in the abdomen, it does not have to be serious at all, and in many cases, it does not even have to provoke any symptoms, so the person is not aware of it. The main reason for the development of diverticula is natural weakness of certain parts of the colon and such weakness sooner or later gives way under the pressure resulting thus in the protrusion of the pouches through the wall of the colon. It has still not been determined how it gets infected, but it is a well-known fact that people over 40, as well as people who consume low fiber food, who are obese or do not exercise are much more prone to developing this condition.


When it comes to the treatment of diverticular disease, milder cases can be treated in a very simple way, by rest, antibiotics and a change in diet that will include low-fiber foods. On the other side cases which are serious is the meaning that they may lead to the severe complications or even permanent consequences, do require hospitalization and very frequently, some kind of a surgery procedure. Very often the diseased part of the intestine has to be removed, and the procedures that can be done in such situations are either primary bowel resection, or bowel resection with colostomy. Some situations may require the drainage of the abscess that tends to form along with diverticula. Speaking of the treatment, it should be mentioned that there are also home remedies which can be used and which proved to be helpful.

Despite the fact that this condition does not have to cause any problems to the person who has it, there are also some consequences which it may cause. Some of them are bleeding in the rectal part, formation of abscess when pus accumulates in the pouch, and peritonitis, which requires immediate medical attention, and which happens usually in cases when the pouch that is inflamed or infected ruptures thus causing the spilling of the intestinal contents into the abdomen. Fistula is one more complication which is possible and in order to prevent all these possibilities, it is necessary to keep the disease under control.

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