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Diverticulitis is a medical termfor the inflammation of the diverticula, which are found in the wall of thecolon. The diverticula refer to the tiny sacs in the intestinal wall, and when theyare inflamed or irritated diverticulitis occur. The warning signs and symptoms ofthis condition are similar to the symptoms typical of the irritable bowel syndrome. Nauseaand vomiting, as well as constipation and intense pain in the abdomen, arethe most frequent symptoms of diverticulitis.

Diverticulitis should be differed fromdiverticulosis, since diverticulosis is the condition when the diverticula bulgeout from the intestinal wall. The most common symptoms of diverticulosis are bloating,constipation and mild abdominal cramps. Even though the exact cause is not detected, diverticulitis probably occurs due to extreme pressure made on thecolon.

Diverticulitis diet

It is considered that diet is veryimportant when this condition is in question and therefore, when onedevelops diverticulitis, he/she should pay attention to what they eat so thatthe digestive system should function normally. There are certain types offoods that should not be consumed when diverticulitis is present and it is alsoconsidered that those kinds of foods should not be consumed when diverticulosisis developed either.

Foods to avoid with diverticulitis

The foods that are very difficult fordigestion should be avoided and these foods are nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Corn, as well as the corn products, can make the symptoms of diverticulitis even worseand because of that, it is recommended to exclude them from the diet. Spicy foods that are made of chili peppers, as well as the junk and fast foods, should also be avoided when diverticulitis isin question, since these foods are digested very slowly. It is considered that thesymptoms of diverticulitis may be aggravated by consuming whole grains, as wellas by eating lentils and beans. Other foods that people should not consumewhen the diverticulitis is present are certain vegetables, such as broccoliand cauliflower.

Diverticulitis high fiber diet

Since the foods poor in fiber usually lead to the occurrence of diverticulitis,therefore, the symptoms of this condition can be relieved with diet high infiber. Some of the foods high in fiber are banana, carrots, vegetable juicesand watermelons. Furthermore, tomatoes and skinless potatoes, as well as husksand peaches, should also be included in the diet in order to treatdiverticulitis. Water, tea and coffee are also recommended when one suffersfrom this condition.

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