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People suffering from headaches are very frequently visitingtheir doctors. There are different types of headaches, depending on the cause ofthe problem or symptoms they experience, so we can differentiate sinusheadaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraines. No diagnosticprocedure is available for the doctor to diagnose your problem and he can dothat only by listening to you describing him your symptoms.

Migraines, for example, are headaches which may make thepatient feeling like splitting in two and they usually affect only one side ofthe head. If you don’t know whether your headache is actually migraine remember if these headaches are recurring and accompanied with nausea. If this is the case it usually points to migraine. Besidesnausea, migraine sufferers usually find light and sound to be extremely unpleasant.The light, either natural or artificial, may bother their eyes and thiscondition is known as photophobia. The same thing is with all sounds(phonophobia) and smells around them, so these patients often feel much worseif there is something or someone loud near them, talking or wearing the perfume.

Headache Triggers

Try to identify what exactly causes your headaches. If youstill don’t know, keep track of your headaches and probablecauses and you will soon find out. Triggers of headaches are very different,but they are all divided into several groups, including stress, food anddrinks, chemicals, environmental influences and emotional triggers.

Family history of headaches might be the cause of headacheyou are experiencing, but doctors haven’t been able to identify exact nature ofinheritance in the family.

For some headaches sufferers, headaches are provoked by lackof sleep, insomnia or too much of sleep. Others can blame problems, worries,stress and anxiety for their headaches. Hunger and different allergies may alsogive a raise to headache problems, while some blame certain food ingredients(such as cheese on the pizza) for their problems.

Many things are identified to cause headaches in some andworsen the problem in other patients. Environmental changes, end of some stressful situation or even something so simple such as salt or lactose inmilk and ice creams are known to trigger or worsen headaches and migraines.

Food rich in proteins, caffeine, cigarette smoke and birth controlpills may also lead to development of headaches.

Remedies for Headaches

Treatment options usually include relief of headache pain,either by medications or simply falling asleep (works for some patients). Colddamp cloth or a bag of peas wrapped in a cloth placed on the forehead ortemple can also relieve tension and pain caused by the headache. Avoiding thetriggers of headaches is also good way to prevent and treat these problems.

Certain herbs like ginkgo and feverfew are also found out tobe useful for headache patients, as well as some acupuncture, biofeedback andaromatherapy methods. Homeopathic remedies are also beneficial for manyheadache and migraine patients.

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