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Introduction to Arthritis

Arthritis is a term that refers to a group of condition thatinvolves damage to the joints of the body. There are more than one hundredtypes of arthritis, but the most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoidarthritis.

This condition is characterized by an inflammation of thejoints in one’s body. This may be caused by wear-and-tear damage that is madeto the cartilage (as in the case of osteoarthritis), or by the immune systemattacking the synovium (as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis), etc.

The most common symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, jointswelling, redness, decreased range of motion, morning stiffness that may lastfor hours, etc. The treatment of this condition may include various medications,therapy to recover the mobility of the joints or surgery to repair the damage.The doctor will prescribe the best course of treatment according to the patient’sage, overall health, and the progression of the disease.

Diet Plan

There still isn’t a complete cure for any form of arthritis.However, many experts share the opinion that, with the treatment prescribed bya doctor, and a proper diet, one can relieve all the symptoms and successfullyprevent further flare-ups of the disease. This applies for each and every typeof arthritis.

The purpose of following a prescribed diet is to include allthe type of food that might reduce the inflammation and relieve the symptoms,and to eliminate the foods that worsen the symptoms and cause flare-ups.

There are various rules that one should follow if theydesire to get rid of, or simply, minimize the symptoms. These include:

Eating plenty of fruit. A person suffering from arthritisshould mainly have fruits rich in vitamin C in their diet. They usually alsohave antioxidants that fight off free radicals, that might worsen one’sdisease. The fruit recommended include mango, raspberries, oranges,blackberries, strawberries, peaches, etc. Also, apples are very efficient whenit comes to dealing with inflammations, because they have anti-inflammatoryproperties.Eating foodrich in omega 3 fatty acids. This mainly includes fish (such as tuna, cod,sardines, oysters, and salmon, etc).Omega 3 fatty acids are proven to be the best way of fighting variousinflammations.Eating plentyof vegetables. Healthy vegetables for people with arthritis are cabbage,broccoli, leeks, sprouts, garlic, spinach, olives, etc.Eating cerealgrains. Brown rice, wheat, rye, oat, etc. are good source of fiber, and anexcellent energy source.Avoidingcertain foods that might cause flare-ups. These food include fatty foods, dairyproducts, processed foods, etc. One should take care and take notice of thefood that causes the flare-ups for them, and then try to avoid it.Exercisingregularly and controlling one’s weight. It is found that fatty tissues producehormones that may indirectly increase inflammation and pain, and excess weight mayalso put extra pressure on the joints.

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