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Rheumatoid arthritis diet

Certain changes in lifestyle and in the diet are more thannecessary if a person wants to slow the progress of the rheumatoid arthritis and to relievethe symptoms. When it comes to the changes in the lifestyle, regular exercisingand physical activity is of huge importance, since it makes the musclesstronger. However, it is recommended to do the exercises under the supervisionof the professional therapist, just as it is recommended to include somechanges in the diet with the help of nutritionist. As for the diet, these changesprimarily refer to the increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids, since they areknown to be more than helpful in keeping the inflammation of the joints undercontrol. Foods that contain it are primarily fish oil and salmon, mackerel,herring and other fatty fish, but soybeans, walnut, fresh avocado and oils obtained from them are also more than rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Whatis also recommended is to consume more steamed foods, fruits, vegetables andrice. The intake of harmful fats should be reduced to minimum, or eveneliminated entirely, if possible. It is of essential importance to take invital nutrients and to consume more food that is light and healthy. All these changes help in reducing the inflammation andpain that accompany rheumatoid arthritis, thus slowing down deterioration and damage to the joints.

What food should not be consumed?

Just like some food helps in alleviating the symptoms andeven making them disappear, other foods have the opposite effect. This is whyit is important to be well informed about such foods and do everything inorder to eliminate them from the diet completely, or at least to reduce theirintake to minimum. Even though there are various opinions regarding the intake ofnightshade foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and similar, the fact isthat a number of people with rheumatoid arthritis who pays attention to theirnutrition claims that they feel much better when they do not eat such food,which is a reason enough to give it a try. Foods that contain acids are knownfor their characteristic to aggravate the symptoms, particularly pain andinflammation, which is why people are highly advised to avoid it. The list offoods and beverages that affect rheumatoid arthritis in a negative way is notat all insignificant, and grilled, fried and processed foods, dairy products,excessive salt, citrus fruits, tea, coffee and alcohol are only a part of thatlist.

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