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Birth control pills are used principally as a contraceptive method and they are regarded to be the best way for a woman to protect herself from the unwanted pregnancy. However, many doctors prescribe contraceptive pills for treating many skin ailments, as well as the infertility and irregular menstrual cycle.

Birth control pills are an effective method for prevention the conceiving pregnancy since the pills contain the hormones that work in certain ways, and their efficiency is estimated to be about 99%. The pills are made of the synthetic hormones, which prevent the ovulation or weaken the womb’s lining so it is not capable for successful implantation of the fertilized egg.

The birth control pills are only effective if they are used properly and although they are known to prevent the pregnancy, they may also delay the menstrual period as well.

How to delay period with birth control pills?

The contraceptive pills can come in the packs of only 21 tablets, but there are also those packs that contain 28 tablets. When a woman uses birth control pills which have 21 tablets, then she takes one tablet every day for the next 21 days from the first day of her menstruation and then she pauses 7 days, during which she has menstruation. The cycle is repeated each month. On the other side, when a woman uses the birth control pills that contain 28 tablets, there are 21 tablets which are active and 7 which are inactive and during which a woman gets her menstruation.

However, if a woman wants to postpone her menstruation because of some important event, all she has to do is to continue to use the active birth control pills after the 21st day from her first menstruation.

Alternative methods to delay periods

The women who are not taking contraceptive pills may delay their periods either by taking certain medicines prescribed by their doctor, which are said to have many side effects or naturally. Avoiding certain foods for about two weeks before the beginning of the menstruation may delay it for several days as well. Thus, it is recommended not to consume garlic, ginger, pepper, sesame and papaya.

Delaying periods with contraceptive pills should not be done if a woman takes birth control pills only a month. No matter which way one woman chooses to delay her menstruation, it is always important to consult her doctor who will give the best advice to every woman according to her overall health.

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