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Missed period

Every month a woman who is notpregnant gets menstruation. However, when six weeks passes and she does not getmenstruation, it is considered that she missed period. Every woman should knowthat when she misses a period, it does not always mean that she is pregnantbecause there are many other factors that may cause a woman to miss a period. Oneof those factors is consuming of birth control pills.

Furthermore, stress, emotional distressand improper diet can lead to the occurrence of missed period. Sleeplessness,restlessness, strenuous activity and certain medications such as these for flu or a cold can be potential causes for this condition. Women take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, but also to regulate their monthly cycle, which meanstheir menstrual and ovulation days.

Birth control pills

Each month the ovaries produce eggs.One of these eggs is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube in orderto be fertilized. It is called ovulation. In this period, the lining of theuterus or the womb is very tick and ready for the implantation of thefertilized egg. The ovulation lasts from 12 to 48 hours. If the egg is notfertilized, it disappears and the lining of the uterus is after two weeksejected through the menstruation.

There are many types of birthcontrol pills, but the most effective are those that are three weeks active anda week inactive pills. During the inactive pills week, a woman gets her menstruationalthough it is not a rule. She can get menstruation even in the active pillsweeks.

Causes of missed periods when on birthcontrol pills

As mentioned earlier in the text,there are many causes that are responsible for the occurrence of the missedperiod. However, when a woman uses birth control pills, she uses them either toprevent a pregnancy, or to regulate the menstrual cycle. Sometimes, birthcontrol pills may prove not to be helpful for the regulation of the menstrual period and cases of missed periods.

Missed periods usually happen when a womanstops to take contraceptive pills or change the type of the contraceptive pills.Furthermore, birth control pills can be used for manipulation of the menstrualcycle and, thus, they may cause a missed period. Other reasons that can lead to the occurrenceof a missed period while on birth control pills are increased activity,perimenopause and menopause, as well as long usage of contraceptive pills and consummationof certain medicines.

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