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There are various methods available for the prevention of the unwanted pregnancy. The most common birth control methods are condoms, which are used by men, and contraceptive pills, which are used by women. Apart from these two contraceptive methods there are also some others that can be also very effective but only when used in the proper manner.

Sometimes it happens that a woman does not get her period even when she is on birth control and it immediately raises concern since the missing or late period is always associated with the blessing state. What every woman on birth control should know is that the late or missing period when on the birth control may have some other underlying causes except from pregnancy.

Menstrual cycle and ovulation

The menstrual cycle in women lasts in average about 28 days and has two phases: follicular phase, which commences on the first day of menstruation and ends with the ovulation and luteal phase, which lasts from the ovulation till the beginning of the next menstruation. If the egg is not fertilized during the ovulation, the woman gets her menstruation. If the egg is fertilized, the pregnancy is conceived. The birth control is used to prevent the sperm to get to the egg and fertilize it. However, sometimes it occurs that even when a woman uses some birth control methods, her menses is late.

Causes of late period on birth control

Missed period or late period on birth control may be due to miscalculation in women whose menstrual cycle does not last 28 days but longer. Therefore, in the women who have menstrual cycle of about 35 days, the ovulation will not occur exactly on the 14th day after the menstruation. but a couple of days later.

The lack of ovulation is another cause for the occurrence of late or missed period while on birth control. The delayed ovulation usually happens due to emotional stress or strenuous physical activity, but also as a side effect of some medicines which the woman takes to treat some present medical condition.

Late period on birth control may be caused by prolong use of contraceptive pills, but it is also possible for it to occur in women who stop using birth control pills, or in the women who start using some other type of contraceptive pills.The women who are approaching to perimenopause or menopause may also experience missed or late period even though they use some birth control method.

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