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One of the most frequent conditions in world is diabetes, or diabetes mellitus. According to statistics, 7.8% of the USA population suffers from one of four diabetes types. The main feature of diabetes is high level of sugar in blood. Even though it may sound strange, 5.7 million of people are not even aware of the fact that they suffer from diabetes.

General facts about diabetes

Diabetes is classified into four types that are known in the medicine. Pre-diabetes is a type of diabetes that is manifested through the level of sugar in blood that is high, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes. So, people who have increased level of sugar are at risk of developing diabetes. These people can decrease level of sugar in blood simply by changing their lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes develops when one's body does not produce enough insulin and it is a condition that demands insulin shots for the rest of the life. Most of people usually suffer from Type 2 diabetes and in this case, the body is unable to use insulin in a proper manner. There is also temporal diabetes that can occur during pregnancy and is called gestational diabetes.

Despite beliefs, diabetes does not occur from too much sugar in the one's diet. Things that emphasize risk from diabetes developing include family health history, over-weight, sedentary lifestyle, age, some conditions that have a major impact on pancreas.

Treating diabetes naturally

Even though insulin injections are the most common method of diabetes treatment, there are also some natural ways that can help a person to keep the level of sugar under control. Some herbs and food will be mentioned below and they can be of great help in a fight against diabetes. Minerals magnesium and chromium have shown in a lot of researches that they affect insulin production. Vegetables such as onion and garlic are used for many years as one of the natural remedies for diabetes. In order to reduce the level of sugar in the blood, they should be eaten in large quantities. A fruit called bitter lemon also reveals characteristics that are similar to insulin and it can also control the level of sugar in blood. There has been a recent research that was conducted in Japan, and according to that research, Aloe Vera gel promotes the reduction of sugar in blood. People who suffer from diabetes should also try eating food that is rich in zinc, or take it as a supplement.

And finally, to end with a piece of advice, people who are predisposed to diabetes, or who already have it, can easily put it under control or avoid it if they lead a healthy lifestyle and pay a little more attention to their diet.

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