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Diabetes is a widespread condition among men and women. Because of its characteristics, it demands special care and treatment methods. Diabetes doesn’t choose specific gender, age of race, which means that all of us are suitable candidates for it. Once you are diagnosed with this condition, there is no returning. One has to learn how to cope and live with diabetes, so it is better to accept it and live with it the best way you can. According to recent statistics, 171 million of people in the world suffer from diabetes.

The reasons for diabetes appearance in our body can differ and can be anything starting from unhealthy lifestyle to hereditary factors. As the sugar is very important to our body because it provides us with energy, we receive it from the food that we enter in our body. When in our body, this sugar is secreted from the pancreas gland through insulin. If our body produces more insulin than required, then the blood glucose will be consumed more and the cells will starve because there will not be enough fuel for them. In this case, we can say that a person is diabetic.

Types of diabetes

In order to have proper diabetes treatment, you must first know what type of diabetes you have. There are three types of diabetes and each of them demands specific treatments. Gestational diabetes is diabetes that can develop during pregnancy and it can be detected by the level of glucose in the blood. If it is high, then you can say that you have diabetes. In most cases, after the delivery, the level of glucose reduces and women no longer have diabetes.

Symptoms don’t differ in men and women. There are cases where people don’t have any of the symptoms and yet they are diabetics. Some of the most often symptoms that appear in people who have an increased level of glucose in thier blood include rapid weight loos, very frequent urge for urination, thirst, hunger, lethargy and wounds on the feet. As these needs are very common even among healthy people, many people suspect of diabetes not sooner than detecting wounds on the feet.

Care for men and women

Since, diabetes affects people of all ages and races, people who have diabetes must do everything in their power to burn the excessive amount of sugar in their blood stream. In cases where the level of glucose is not so high, a diet can be the only needed treatment. Diet should consist of a lot of fruit and vegetables and reduced amount of fat, oil and artificial sugar. Due to diabetes, your immune system can become weaker and you may be more liable to other diseases, so it is very important to take care about your body and do everything that you can so that you hold the level of sugar under the limits advised. There is a disbelief that women have diabetes less frequently than men, so they also have to be very careful and take care about themselves in order not to develop diabetes.

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