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Dealing with type two diabetes - three tips

Type 2 diabetes affects people more than any other type of the diabetes, which according to some statistics means that approximately 90 to 95 % of those who suffer from diabetes have the type 2. People with this type of diabetes are insulin resistant because their body either does not make sufficient amounts of it, or it does not use it in the right way.

3 useful tips for those who have to deal with type 2 diabetes

The doctors provide all the necessary information to people who are diagnosed with this type of diabetes, and in order not to develop type 1 diabetes, it is highly recommended that they follow the advice given and take care of their health and diet. It is also a good idea to introduce any physical activity, whichever the person might find interesting, because it helps on many levels. However, three tips that all those who suffer from type 2 diabetes could benefit from refer to the following:

  1. Drinking fluids is absolutely a must for several reasons, but definitely one of the most important is that this way, dehydration will be avoided, and thus fatigue and even increase in the levels of sugar in the blood as well. The intake of drinks that contain caffeine should be limited since it might cause restlessness and problems with sleep. However, herbal teas are allowed and they should not be avoided.
  2. It is important to find a good way to deal with the everyday stress because it also affects the levels of sugar in the blood. This is why any relaxation technique that is known to be beneficial and helpful should be used. Breathing in the right manner can reduce the stress, as well as soaking bath, listening to some nice music, enjoying a hobby or any other thing or activity that the person finds pleasant. It is also important not to overload oneself with the work, and if necessary, the person has to learn to say no from time to time, particularly in cases of unreasonable demands.
  3. Enough good sleep at night is necessary because it will help a person to feel better during the day and less stressed as well. Otherwise, the person will be more prone to insulin resistance, sleep apnea, or some other problems which are closely related to diabetes. It might not be a good idea to use weekends to sleep longer than usual since the rhythm of the body might be disrupted this way. The bedroom must provide a person with some calming and peaceful environment, and in case a person cannot fall asleep in more than half an hour, it is recommended to find some book, boring preferably, and start reading it. 

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