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Bulimiais an extremely serious, both physiological and mental condition. For thosewho suffering from it every day comes as a new battle they need to win byfighting their urge to indulge in food on one hand, and completely discard itand lose as much weight as possible on the other. Given the fact that the urgeand necessity for food are rather too strong surrendering and letting thecraving take their toll is a fairly frequent final outcome. Major characteristics are frequent episodes of uncontrolled urge to eat lack of discipline in weight maintenance and general appearance and weight affect self-confidence and the overall image of one’s self.

Bulimic or not…How to tell?

Oneof the ways to determine on which side of the spoon you are by posing thefollowing questions and answering them in a manner most sincere. The morepositive answers, the more worried one should be:

How haunted are you by your weight?To what extent are food and diets predominant factors in your life?Do you become increasingly worried that once you start, you’ll be unable to stop eating?Are there occasions when you overeat on purpose, and feel nauseated?Are your favorite methods of weight control laxatives and throwing up?

Themain culprit for the occurrence of two main followers of bulimia – overeatingand purging, is a diet. The fact is that the more rigorous and exclusive thediet, the stronger will be your urge to eat and overdo. This urge is actually one of theways our body attempts to inform us that it needs energy. When itcomes to overeating and purging what should be known is that the former is ofextremely short duration and that the latter actually only adds up to the intensityof the former.

Indicators and manifestationsof overeating

Lack of ability and strength to take command over eatingKeeping your eating habits a mysteryOverdoing it with food, but with no visible physiological consequences whatsoever

Indicators and manifestationsof purging

Meal finished, off to the bathroom you goLaxatives and alike instead of a dessertWherever you go and whichever room you visit, the smell of throwing up sticks with you and the space you inhabitIntensity-high physical activitiesScars/calluses from using your finger as a throw-up boosterLoss of regular teeth colorWeight ups and downs happening all to often

Curing and convalescence

Sincea rather awful image of one’s self, followed by the low self-esteem andself confidence constitute the basis of this disorder, one of the best ways tocure it is psychotherapy. In the first place, it will put a stop to a cycle of overeating andpurging. Secondly it will redirect those harmful thoughts and thought-schemes, and thirdly it will find the best possible solution for each and every of your emotionalproblems. And of course, always keep up the spirit and the desire for recovery.

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