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Most people believe that only by using expensive cosmetic products is one able to keep the youthful and healthy glow of their skin. The truth is that the most important thing in this quest is actually leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and only by changing a couple of dietary and lifestyle habits, one is able to maintain their youthful skin.

This can be achieved without much trouble, but it is highly essential that one is verydisciplined.

The sun's effect on skin

The human body needs a certain amount of Vitamin K, which the body produces when one spends a certain amount of time in the sun. When it comes to sun bathing, it is very important not to be careless, since excessive exposure to sun rays may result in skin cancer. The best way to protect our skin while we’re out in the sun and still be able to produce Vitamin K is to use a lot of sunscreen lotions.

In order to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, one can use shades and umbrellas. Making sure to exfoliate regularly and this way get rid of dead skin is very important, since this keeps skin fresh and takes years off one’s looks.

What kind of diet is good for the skin?

Diets that forbid too much and that don’t seem healthy for the rest of the body aren’t good for the skin either. Those that are low in oils deprive the skin from what it needs to be elastic and glow. All groceries that contain Vitamin C, be it citrus fruits, other fruits, vegetables or other foods, are extremely good for one’s skin. Furthermore, one should make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day as well as try to steer away from large amounts of spicy or fried foods.

Does exercising have an effect on the skin?

Besides improving circulation and thus supplying the body with more energy, exercising keeps the skin youthful too.


Sleep deprivation can be harmful for people in more ways than one and it is important to make sure that both the body and the mind get all the rest they deserve. Even though a large amount of people functions well with a lot less, it is advisable that the body rests for at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. It is also important to maintain a regular and healthy sleeping pattern, and try not to have a late night more than once a week.

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