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The adrenals – overview

Adrenal glands are known to abound in ascorbic acid (i.e. in vitamin C). Given the fact that the greatest majority of people is already familiar with the fact that the vitamin in question is essential when it comes to battling off numerous infections, a final conclusion that becomes more than apparent is that it also provides significant aid when it comes to the process of adrenal glands stimulation, necessary for the increase in production of a hormone known as cortin, which is essential in elimination of numerous diseases. Since the primary function of adrenal glands is the production of adrenaline, especially in those moments of potential physical danger, as well as oncoming emotional crisis and recurring mental and emotional tension, all these are known to have an ill effect on the glands in question. This ill effect is mirrored by putting too strong a pressure on the glands in question, which results in them becoming too work-famished – sometimes to such an extent that nerves, together with the vital organs, are incessantly in the fever-pitch mode. This is known to be a direct consequence of too large a number of false ‘emergency’ notifications that are received from the brain. As a direct result of this, the action of sending of the mighty adrenaline straight to the blood is initiated, even at those times when it is not required and necessary.

This has also led many doctors to believe that arteriosclerosis, as well as coronary thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and alike ailments can occur due to the quite regular overstimulation of the glands in question by stressful life tempo and regular, both emotional and mental strain.

When it comes to the present time, and in the age in which the greatest number of ‘emergencies’ is primarily emotional and mental in nature, the regular overproduction and over-injection of adrenaline into one’s bloodstream can, as it quite often does, induce fearful and concerning beating of the heart and the blood vessels. Hence, due to the fact that adrenaline is incessantly being ‘injected’ into one’s blood, in those moments of stress and tension, cortin becomes an essential and key controller of the body in terms of slowing it down and aiding it return back to normal and unharmful operating rate.

If we are aware of this, as well as of the fact that the adrenal glands need vitamin C in order to be able to produce this key hormone (i.e. cortin) in most proper and beneficial amounts, it is not at all that difficult to see how regular intake of the vitamin in question can aid the entire process and keep us safer from harm induced by overflow of adrenaline.

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