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Are My Hands Clean?!

We all know that the world we live in is full of bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms. They are all over our offices, computer desks, mobile phones, means of transportation and all other things we get in contact with every second. Thus, we know that we need to wash our hands often. However, washing them is not enough to kill all the germs found upon their surface. For these purposes, we might consider using some of many antibacterial soaps and gels available for purchasing. These hand sanitizers are all effective, some more than the others. Therefore, it is best to choose those which are able to kill the most harmful microorganisms. Nevertheless, you need to be careful. Many of these substances contain chemicals which may damage your skin, trigger allergies or cause numerous other problems. Thus, you need to know what to look for when you are purchasing a hand sanitizer, choosing from a sea of various products.

Different Sanitizers, Different Effect

We all know that sprays are no match for washing your hands with water. However, these can be quite practical in some situations. For example, after we visit a public toilet, we should always wash our hands with the soap provided. Upon exiting the facility, we should use the spray as well, since we can never know how many people touched various things in the toilet with their dirty hands. These sanitizers are available to be purchased almost anywhere. What is more, you can make your own ones by mixing aloe vera gel with alcohol and some essential oils. This way, you will always have disinfection at your grasp.

It goes without saying that you should wash your hands every time before eating, cooking and touching things that are supposed to be clean like contact lenses. Also, whenever you blow your nose, use the toilet, play with animals, or indulge into any other kind of a similar activity, you are to wash your hands immediately so as to avoid spreading germs onto other surfaces.

Some Final Pieces of Advice about Sanitizers

All sanitizers contain alcohol. Therefore, make sure you keep them away from small children, avoid exposing your hands to fire or heat immediately after applying the sanitizer, and be careful not to damage your skin by using these products too often or applying them in a larger quantity than a few drops. Nevertheless, keep them at hand since these may be more than useful whenever you do not have water and soap available.

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