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Avoid Red Meat

Many talked for years about the unhealthiness of the red meat,but only recently it became the public matter. Some studies and researches haveshown that a heavy red meat eater could have about 2 to 3lbs (which is 0.90 to 1.36kg)of rotten meat inside the colon. Other than that, according to somenaturopaths, your colon might also be covered with bad colon mucus, if you eatplenty of red meat.

When you eat red meat it takes several days to decompose andbe digested. All this time, the meat is inside the body decayed and justwaiting to be expelled from the body. It is a long process because red meat ishigh on fat and proteins.

As red meat, we consider every meat that comes from themammal animals. Chicken and other game birds are not red, but rather white meatand do not cause so much damage to the body.

That half-rotten red meat in the colon may cause variousmedical conditions, including high blood pressure and also colon (rectal) cancer.

Colon Cleanse

Cleansing the colon is very important. By cleansing thatwaste from your colon you might do two things at the same time. It will helpyou solve something that might become a health issue, but also, it could assistyou in losing some weight. It won’t be just the weight from the meataccumulated in the colon or the mucus. You own body will start to work muchfaster to eliminate the toxins and waste products.

The best way to start the cleansing of the colon is to drinkplenty of water, every single day. Doctors and naturopaths, they all say thatyour body needs at least 8 glasses of water every day. Pure, clean water willwash the bad bacteria and meat deposits in your colon. At first, it might bebothersome to go to the toilet every 5 minutes. You shouldn’t worry, for thisis the way your body is eliminating the bad stuff and it will pass after coupleof days.

Dietary fibers are the second recommendation. Try to squeezein at least 30g of dietary fibers into the daily menu. Fruits, vegetables,beans, peas and legumes are rich in dietary fibers and these products must be representedin your everyday diet.

There are also all sorts of programs for weight loss andcolon cleansing. Research them on the Internet and find if any suits yourneeds.

As always, when something’s not good for you – try to avoidit. Doctors recommend limiting the consummation of red meat to once per week.

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